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Our line of savoury pastry products are made from time tested recipes using only the highest quality ingredients. From single serve & family packs for retail to bulk food service packs, our federally inspected and HACCP compliant manufacturing facility assures that all our products are made to the highest standards of taste and food safety.

Sausage Rolls

Our signature product line made with premium ingredients including our secret blend of herbs and spices and our exclusive puff pastry.  These flavourful sausage rolls are a big hit with kids and adults alike.

Available in: Beef, Chicken or Spicy Pork

Cocktail Sausage Rolls

All the taste of our full sized sausage rolls with the convenience of ‘cocktail’ size.  Perfect for kids, snacking and as the most popular hors d’oeuvre at the party.

Available in: Beef, Chicken or Spicy Pork

4 Cheese Mushroom and Bacon Puffs

These perfect appetizers are a rich mix of 4 cheeses (Provolone, Asiago, Romano and Mozzarella), sautéed mushrooms, onions and bacon - all in our homemade flaky puff pastry shell. These bite-size puffs are delicious, addictive, and sure to be a hit at your next event!

Family Size Pot Pies

Made by our family, baked and enjoyed by yours.  These pies are also made with recipes handed down through generations, but with just a little more filling so everyone truly enjoys each bite.

Available in: Beef or Chicken

Jamaican Patties

These popular pastries are filled with a secret blend of meat and spices baked inside a flaky shell, tinted golden yellow with turmeric.  If you have teenagers around, you might want to stock up.

Available in: Beef, Spicy Beef or Chicken

Stuffing Rolls

Everyone enjoys the warm feelings the holidays bring, especially the smells and tastes of chicken and stuffing.  With these tasty rolls of chicken, vegetables and spices wrapped in flaky puff pastry, you can taste the holidays everyday.


A traditional French Canadian Meat Pie once reserved for Christmas dinners and special occasions is now available year round.  This rich and satisfying meat pie is sure to be a new family favourite.

Pepperoni Cheese Bread

Our Pepperoni Cheese Bread is an exciting flavour combination of spicy pepperoni wrapped in our artisan bread and topped with shredded cheddar cheese.

Pizza Snackers

Delicious little one bite snacks that kids of all ages love. Our signature pastry topped with the perfect amount of pizza sauce and cheese - bet you can't stop at just one.

Coming Soon

Chicken Bake, Empanadas, Steak & Ale Pot Pie, Butter Chicken Pot Pie, Halal Options, Spinach & Feta Sausage Rolls (Vegetarian option), Fully Cooked Meatballs, Meatloaf and Ground Beef Crumble.

Co-packing, custom packaging and custom formulations available.  

Contact your Royal Foods representative for more information.